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For a long long time ...
A sad song never makes you sad.
So I sing it for you.
Sad song, it is just like drifting leaves beside you.

Where is the world headed?
My eyes are dizzy.

Still, it is the role of the minstrel
to continue spinning words and melodies
that cannot be seen and cannot be displayed in a vase.

The song is not data.
The song lives on with your heart and voice of people.

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Thank you, friends.


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Will continue to post footage in the future.
I apologize that most of the songs are in Japanese.
Hope you can feel something...

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♪ Released on July 8, 2024

SUEMARR "Muchacha ojos de papel" Live at Hunny-Bunny 2024
Luis Albert Spinetta song. A cover in Japanese. Approximately 2,000 Argentina people welcomed this Japanese lyric version. It is not a perfect performance. However, I released with gratitude. I'm surprised that the song arrived safely across the sea. Muchas gracias!!!

Special thanks : OKIYA GUEST HOUSE, Hunny-Bunny

♪ Released on June 17, 2024

SUEMARR "Barro Tal Vez" [Doromamire]
Rehearsal for the show at OKIYA GUEST HOUSE in kiryu, Gunma, Japan
My friend is Argentina and renovated an old Japanese house where a geisha used to live. The song he asked me to sing was a famous song by Luis Alberto Spinetta. I liked the song so much that I wrote the lyrics in Japanese from my own perspective and sang it. This version was saved by the warm welcome of the people of faraway Argentina. With gratitude, I leave the rehearsal video here.

Special thanks : OKIYA GUEST HOUSE

♪ Released on May 28, 2024

SUEMARR "Edelweiss"
Live at SHIOTANI TEIKO Photo Memorial Museum in Kotoura, Tottori, Japan
A good old Japanese house. Pleasant sound. I didn't need to use a microphone.

Special thanks :SHIOTANI TEIKO Photo Memorial Museum, PICO(SIN-ONEMAKE)

♪ Released on Feb.13, 2024

SUEMARR "Shonen (means "Boy")"
Live recording at Oumiya in Fujisawa, Japan
An old Japanese-style building called "nagaya" with a large camphor tree. The morning after the show I sang in an empty bar. Sometimes I record such a gift to thank the owner. Most of the time it is morning and I am decaying. However, I look for this kind of unexpectedness in visual works.

Special thanks : Oumiya

♪ Released on Jan.27, 2024

SUEMARR "Neko no youna onnna (a woman like a cat)"
Live recording in Osaka, Japan
Making the video during the daytime in the living room of an old friend and his wife's house in Osaka. I talk a little in a voice that has not yet awakened, and starts singing as I am. We can turn bad luck into good fortune. So take a walk on the wild side...
Please listen to it as if you are facing me at close range.

Special thanks :Musique69, minaco

♪ Released on Jan.1, 2024

SUEMARR "Akai Kawa No Tani (Red River Valley)
field recording at Rakundo Bekkan in Sasebo, Kyusyu
It was a very comfortable place to spend time with friends in Sasebo. I sang there with gratitude and many thoughts. 2024 may be a good year for you.
Japanese lyric by ISO my friend.

Special thanks :Bar Rakundo, ISO

♪ Released on Oct.10, 2023

SUEMARR & Natsuki Kurai "Grapefruit Moon" at homeri on rehearsal
Rehearsal video at homeri, a small cafe in Tokyo. I surrendered myself to the endless sounds of harmonica player Natsuki Kurai. I feel no anxiety when I play with him. It was a dream time at the end of summer.

Special thanks : homeri, Natsuki Kurai

♪ Released on Aug.12, 2023

SUEMARR "Choito Sabishii Yoru No Uta (A little lonely night song)"
Sometimes you can't see the people you thought you would see forever. If there is someone you want to see, don't hesitate to go see them. If there is someone who wants to see you, live today and tomorrow. If there is someone you can no longer see forever, continue to live your life as you are for that person.
Dedicated to my friend.

Special thanks : 3rdBASE Cafe in Tabira, Nagasaki, Howling Setta, Haruna

♪ Released on Apr. 8, 2023

My birthday. I recorded this in my hotel room in Toyohashi, Aichi. I sang the song while looking at the blue sky seen through the big window, thinking about many things. Let's live on the wave of the heart that sways greatly.

Special thanks : grotta in Toyohashi, Japan

♪ Released on Jan. 2, 2022

SUEMARR / Mugon No Taiyou (That Lucky Old Sun) Japanese Cover
Have a happy new year. This is a request song from my friend. It's a very famous song. I wrote a Japanese lyric from my point of view in this era.
I will upload a series called New Traditional Tapes. It is important to continue singing even if it is not an ancient song. I decided to call it "New Traditional".

Special Thanks : Johnny, Cafe Woodstock in Saitama, Japan

♪ Released on Sept 15, 2022

SUEMARR / Preview of another scape of "MINSTREL"
Released in the summer of 2014, SUEMARR’s first album "Minstrel”. Even now, it is steadily spreading to the world at a slow pace. And it will finally be released as a vinyl record this year.

Order Now (free shipping to all over the world!) → Details

♪ Released on Jan. 26, 2022

SUEMARR & Onatsu (piano) / Edelweiss [ home session ]
A song from "KANBIKI SONGBOOK Vol.7" released in February 2022. A remote home session with a talented young high school girl pianist. Everything was improvised until the second half of the song and interplay. Her sense and tone are great and she is now a good friend of mine.

Special Thanks : Onatsu (piano)

♪ Released on Jan. 9, 2022

SUEMARR / Sabishii Toki Niwa (written by Tsunekichi Suzuki) [ hako cafe session ]
I will upload a series called New Traditional Tapes. It is important to continue singing even if it is not an ancient song. I decided to call it "New Traditional".

Special Thanks : hako cafe in Ibaraki, Japan

♪ Released on Jan. 1, 2022

SUEMARR / Merci Neighbor (written by pocopen) [ hako cafe session ]
I will upload a series called New Traditional Tapes. It is important to continue singing even if it is not an ancient song. I decided to call it "New Traditional".

Special Thanks : hako cafe in Ibaraki, Japan

♪ Released on Dec. 6, 2021

SUEMARR / My Funny Valentine [ hako cafe session ]
I will upload a series called New Traditional Tapes. It is important to continue singing even if it is not an ancient song. I decided to call it "New Traditional".

Special Thanks : hako cafe in Ibaraki, Japan

♪ Released on Jun. 22, 2021

I performed in Nagoya during the tour. It was unfinished but dedicated to Nakahara Souji early in the morning.

♪ Released on Apr. 8, 2021

SUEMARR / Jinsei Ikiatari Battari
Recorded in the guest room during the tour. This song is used in the drama & movie "Midnight Diner". If you like this song, try a session with the video!

♪ Released on Mar. 21, 2021

SUEMARR / Choito Sabishii Yoru No Uta (A little lonely night song)
Early in the morning during the tour. I recorded this video at my special & classical cockpit. This song is used in the drama & movie "Midnight Diner".

♪ Released on Mar. 11, 2021

SUEMARR / Just Like A Boy (Endo Michiro)
I sang with the thought of the damage caused by the big earthquake 10 years ago. Also, I think about the current turmoil around the world.

♪ Released on Oct. 27, 2020

SUEMARR / Candy Says (The Velvet Underground)
Dedicated to LOU REED in the anniversary of his passing
and for a world without exclusion.

♪ Released on Oct. 13, 2020

Live at MOJO in Tokorozawa, Japan
"NIGIWAI original song by MAKI ASAKAWA.
She is a legend of singer in Japan.

*Special Thanks to MOJO and Hiromi Nakano (Camera)

♪ Released on Oct. 13, 2020

SUEMARR & Rico / Kazaoto(2019)
Original demo version in 2019. Home recording.
Rico played the piano. She participated in the "Doromizu Wa Yureru" recording.
from KANBIKI SONGBOOK Vol.4 : ONLINE SHOP Minstrel's Stand

♪ Released on Aug. 6, 2020

SUEMARR / Boku Ga Uchi Wo Deru Riyuu (2020)
Home shooting.
Boku Ga Uchi Wo Deru Riyuu means "The reason why I leave home".
It is an insert song of a Brazilian movie.

*Also other version from Galeria Punt : Web Art Gallery

♪ Released on June 10, 2020

SUEMARR / Mou Nai Fune(Live 2020)
Live streaming from FIREBIRD in Shin-Matsudo, Japan
Mou Nai Fune means like "Invisible Ship".
This song was recorded in the album "Doromizu Wa Yureru (Muddy Waters Swirl) " 2017.

*Special Thanks : FIREBIRD and Crew

♪ Released on May 9, 2020

Warehouse Test Shooting Part1, 2, 3 (2020)
「Neko Noyouna Onna (Woman like a cat)」「Spyglass」「Tonde Yuke (Fly Away)」


*The first shooting at new warehouse of IRISO SUMMER RECORDS.
 Unplugged live recording / Special thanks : Yoshiyasu Miyano、Eldo Yoshimizu

♪ Released on May 3, 2020

"Shamo-neko × Suemarr" collaboration memorial!
SUEMARR was drunk but sang this song
for people who visited late after the show.

*Everyone who donated can get one SHAMO-SUEMARR sticker.

♪ Released on May 1, 2020

SUEMARR / Canary
SUEMARR sings Japanese nursery rhymes of 1918.

♪ Released on April 24, 2020

SUEMARR & MARI NAKAMURA "Black Crows" Recording Session 2016
Recording Session for the album "Doromizu Wa Yureru (Muddy Waters Swirl)"
at guzuri recording studio on May 25, 2016.
*Fixed point shooting with SUEMARR's iPhone. Probably an OK take.

*Special thanks to my good friend, wonderful SSW, MARI NAKAMURA.

♪ Released on April 21, 2020

SUEMARR / Asaki Yume Mishi
SUEMARR did sing to celebrates the 9th anniversary of "Higurashi Bunko" from home.

*Cat mug made by SEIYO-SYA

♪ Released on April 20, 2020

Anya & Sue "The Guest House Session" Part 1 & 2 (2019)
It was the private session
On the day of departure from Tokyo. Private session in Hokkaido.

*Special thanks : Anya Hinkle, Terry & Yoko

♪ Released on April 18, 2020

SUEMARR / "Doromizu Wa Yureru (Muddy Waters Swirl)"
with ANKYO MANIACS (Slide Projection)

at Sammy's in Hakuraku, Yokohama on May 26, 2019
*ANKYO means Culvert.

Special thanks : ANKYO MANIACS, Sammy's

♪ Released on April 16, 2020

SUEMARR "Full Moon Day In The Car" Part1 & 2