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For a long long time ...
A sad song never makes you sad.
So I sing it for you.
Sad song, it is just like drifting leaves beside you.

It is a difficult time for everyone
- losing the opportunity for me to sing directly to you
makes it pain for musicians.
However, I also realize that there are many people
who want to listen to a live song but cannot go out.
The only thing I can do is show you my song in a video.
I hope that the song will resonate in your heart a little
and gives you a daily distraction.

If you want to donate after watching,
please visit a donation page.

I hope the everyday life for you and me
will come back soon.

Thank you, friends.


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Will continue to post footage in the future.
I apologize that most of the songs are in Japanese.
Hope you can feel something...

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♪ Released on April 16, 2020

SUEMARR "Full Moon Day In The Car" Part1 & 2

♪ Released on April 18, 2020

SUEMARR / "Doromizu Wa Yureru (Muddy Waters Swirl)"
with ANKYO MANIACS (Slide Projection)

at Sammy's in Hakuraku, Yokohama on May 26, 2019
*ANKYO means Culvert.

Special thanks : ANKYO MANIACS, Sammy's

♪ Released on April 20, 2020

Anya & Sue "The Guest House Session" Part 1 & 2 (2019)
It was the private session
On the day of departure from Tokyo. Private session in Hokkaido.

*Special thanks : Anya Hinkle, Terry & Yoko

♪ Released on April 21, 2020

SUEMARR / Asaki Yume Mishi
SUEMARR did sing to celebrates the 9th anniversary of "Higurashi Bunko" from home.

*Cat mug made by SEIYO-SYA

♪ Released on April 24, 2020

SUEMARR & MARI NAKAMURA "Black Crows" Recording Session 2016
Recording Session for the album "Doromizu Wa Yureru (Muddy Waters Swirl)"
at guzuri recording studio on May 25, 2016.
*Fixed point shooting with SUEMARR's iPhone. Probably an OK take.

*Special thanks to my good friend, wonderful SSW, MARI NAKAMURA.

♪ Released on May 1, 2020

SUEMARR / Canary
SUEMARR sings Japanese nursery rhymes of 1918.

♪ Released on May 3, 2020

"Shamo-neko × Suemarr" collaboration memorial!
SUEMARR was drunk but sang this song
for people who visited late after the show.

*Everyone who donated can get one SHAMO-SUEMARR sticker.

♪ Released on May 9, 2020

Warehouse Test Shooting Part1, 2, 3 (2020)
「Neko Noyouna Onna (Woman like a cat)」「Spyglass」「Tonde Yuke (Fly Away)」


*The first shooting at new warehouse of IRISO SUMMER RECORDS.
 Unplugged live recording / Special thanks : Yoshiyasu Miyano、Eldo Yoshimizu

♪ Released on June 10, 2020

SUEMARR / Mou Nai Fune(Live 2020)
Live streaming from FIREBIRD in Shin-Matsudo, Japan
Mou Nai Fune means like "Invisible Ship".
This song was recorded in the album "Doromizu Wa Yureru (Muddy Waters Swirl) " 2017.

*Special Thanks : FIREBIRD and Crew

♪ Released on Aug. 6, 2020

SUEMARR / Boku Ga Uchi Wo Deru Riyuu (2020)
Home shooting.
Boku Ga Uchi Wo Deru Riyuu means "The reason why I leave home".
It is an insert song of a Brazilian movie.

*Also other version from Galeria Punt : Web Art Gallery

♪ Released on Oct. 13, 2020

SUEMARR & Rico / Kazaoto(2019)
Original demo version in 2019. Home recording.
Rico played the piano. She participated in the "Doromizu Wa Yureru" recording.
from KANBIKI SONGBOOK Vol.4 : ONLINE SHOP Minstrel's Stand

♪ Released on Oct. 13, 2020

Live at MOJO in Tokorozawa, Japan
"NIGIWAI original song by MAKI ASAKAWA.
She is a legend of singer in Japan.

*Special Thanks to MOJO and Hiromi Nakano (Camera)

♪ Released on Oct. 27, 2020

SUEMARR / Candy Says (The Velvet Underground)
Dedicated to LOU REED in the anniversary of his passing
and for a world without exclusion.