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SUEMARR / another scape of “MINSTREL” is released on vinyl!!!

SUEMARR / another scape of “MINSTREL” Renewal Sleeve
Hello overseas friends,
I tried to post in English again.
I always wish I could post in another country's language.

Eight years ago, few could predict the current state of the world. Of course I am one of many people. Life is tough for everyone. Still, the people who listened to my music kept this album alive. I am saved by you. All I can do is sing for you.
This release also has the meaning of commemoration. To be honest, my singing ability is better than it was eight years ago. So it's a little embarrassing.
However, this album is a special one that has become a turning point for me. This remastered sound source gives you a fresh feel that is different from the previous CD sound.
I hope this album will be close to many people who love MINSTREL.
Hope you be well with love, imaginations and music.


The album "Minstrel" released in 2014.
And now, the scenery that Minstrel saw eight years later.

Released in the summer of 2014, SUEMARR’s first album "Minstrel”. Even now, it is steadily spreading to the world at a slow pace. And it will finally be released as a vinyl record this year.

about SUEMARR “Minstrel” [2014]
Eight songs have been used in the drama / movie "Midnight Diner" as insert songs, in-play music, and ending songs up to the latest series. "JINSEI IKIATARI BATTARI" co-written by the original author, Yaro Abe. The ending song "Choito Sabishii Yoru No Uta". They became widely known overseas and led to the response to the songs of the album, SUEMARR's music.
The performances of the wonderful recording members give SUEMARR's music a great brilliance.
And now still, Minstrel SUEMARR is singing somewhere in a small town in a small country.

SUEMARR / another scape of “MINSTREL” on Vinyl
Completely remastered all 14 songs.
Completely recorded on three 10-inch vinyl records.
Added one bonus track.
Redesigned record jacket.
Liner notes & all song commentary written by SUEMARR himself.
Includes English version of liner notes, lyrics, and commentary on all songs!
CD of remastering sound source is also included!

Sound produced by Yoshiki Sakurai
Remastered by Gumbo Studio Yokohama
Designed by Asami Murakami

List price : 95 USD (free shipping to all over the world)
Release and shipping are scheduled around September.
Will be shipped from
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